ACH Explained

ACH Merchant Account: The easiest way for your business to directly debit customer checking accounts

It costs a business on average $1.22 to process a paper check. (from With Stratus, it costs only $0.55. Plus, your customers will love the convenient payment options you can offer

An ACH Merchant Account combined with the Status Payment Solutions enables you to:

  • ACH debit your customers’ checking accounts — speeding billing & collection processes.
  • Accept payments by phone, online, or in person — increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Set up automated recurring billing to automatically ACH debit customer checking accounts — increasing on-time payments.
  • Eliminate trips to the bank — saving you time. Increases security and reduces risk.

What does ACH stand for?

ACH (or Automated Clearing House) is a nationwide electronic funds transfer system which provides for the interbank clearing of electronic payments. Electronic checks processed through the PaySimple system are processed using this secure, highly reliable network, and is also the same network used by federal bank and government institutions to securely transfer funds. The Federal Reserve acts as an ACH Operator, through which banks transmit or receive ACH entries.