Card Payment Integration

Integration is the Key

Stratus knows you need to accept payments and post immediately to your billing platform – we build our business on it! With Stratus you never need new software, hours of training or lengthy implementation; we have done all of the heavy lifting for you in solution integration, leaving you to focus on your business. Regardless of the problems you may encounter taking payments, Stratus has the integrated solution that can solve them.

Business Software Partners: Stratus ensures that integration into business software applications is simple, yet effective. Through Stratus integration, users are able to accept one time and recurring payments without leaving their native business applications. In addition, transactions that are accepted through peripheral-payment channels, such as website payments, IVR transactions, or check conversion, can also be automatically posted into the application. Business Telephony Partners: If your business currently utilizes a dialing or IVR solution Stratus can seamlessly integrate payment acceptance into your existing solutions.